Would you like to learn or to improve your Spanish? Just send me a mail, I am a very experienced, first degree teacher of Spanish. My students range from young children to retired people and from beginners to far advanced. I have been travelling in Latin America and I participated in many courses of Spanish in Spain.

Please, send me a mail and I will contact you.

In the first lesson we will determine your current level, learning objectives and which materials we will use. Pleasure in learning and daring to communicate are paramount for me. I succeed in strengthening the self-confidence of my students.

The student may indicate whether the focus is on, for example:
– grammar;
– communication;
– speaking skills;
– listening skills
– writing skills;
– reading skills;
– Spanish for the holidays;
– a self-made subject

For Spanish teachers:
Are you a Spanish teacher and can your Spanish use a boost? I would like to help you put the dots on the i.

Please pay attention, you will need

  • a notebook
  • writing materials (pens in several colours and a pencil) 
  • your agenda 
  • the books that you have used for Spanish before (unless this is your first Spanish lesson).